Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another Change

I think that I am going through a mid-life crisis or something. I have the need for change, and the easiest thing to change is my blog template. The last one didn't feel right, so I am going to try this one. And yes...I know that I need to get out of the house more if I am concerned about how my blog feels! (As a side note, I was right about Brian's reaction to my first change. The first thing that he said about my last change was that he liked my old template!)

In other news, both boys are sick. They have that sinus junk going around and seem to feel pretty miserable, especially Nathan. So, we had pajama day at our house, which was kind of nice...almost like a relaxing vacation, except that I had to work on stuff all day!

The other night we were at our church's version of children's church and the kids were naming the fruits of the spirit. Every time they would name one, Nathan would say, "Oh No! They already said patience!" of "Oh No! They already said self-control." My favorite, though, was when he exclaimed "Oh No! They already said Faithful Mess!"

The sad thing is that, some days, faithful mess describes me better than faithfulness. I admit it; I am a mess these days. I am disorganized and am burning the candles at both ends of the wick and in the middle of the wick. However, I had an experience in the past few days that made me rethink a lot of things, and I am committing myself to clean up my faithful mess. I will try to get organized too, but honestly, that isn't as important as making sure my priorities are what they need to be and that God is always at the center of everything.

I love it when my kids make me laugh, but even more, I love it when they pass on a little gem that makes me think. I am thankful for my kids; they are truly blessings...even when (you can fill in the blank if you have read my blog before)!

So, if you want to join me in a clean sweep of your faithful mess, let me know. We can all encourage each other!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's a Bad Toe Day

A lot of my stories have been about David lately, so I decided that I needed to share a few about Nathan.

Nathan had a rough night Sunday night. He had a splinter in his foot right by his big toe, and I made the unfortunate decision to remove it. You would have thought that I cut his big toe off. He wailed...and screamed...and cried for at least an hour. He told David he was having a bad toe day. He told me that the splinter would be stuck to my fingernail forever. When I told him that it wasn't stuck to my fingernail, he became even more upset.

So, I did what every good parent would do. I hugged him and put him to bed. Monday morning I asked him how his toe felt, and he said it was great now. Such drama from such a small boy!

Last Thursday, the 4 and 5 year olds from his school went to a pizza restaurant to make pizzas for "P" week. Imagine about 40 to 50 preschool kids taking a tour of a pizza joint and putting toppings on their own individual pizzas. I cannot even begin to tell you how many kids would put a topping on their pizza, lick their hands and then put their fingers back into the toppings. All I can say is thank goodness for really hot, germ-killing ovens!

The teachers have worked out this field trip down to a perfect science. They split up the kids into three groups and had art class, music class and the pizza making part. Brian and I got to see how Nathan interacted with the other kids, and basically we realized that Nathan kind of does his own thing. He stayed at the back of the pack and was busy looking at everything going on around him, which is pretty typical for him.

This week is Q week at his school, and on Tuesdays, they always take something that starts with that week’s letter for show and tell. Well, I forgot to send a Q thing with him this morning. I was taking David to school, so I called Brian and told him to tell Nathan that he could be Quiet for show and tell today. I told him he might have to practice it with him on the way to school.

Brian called me after he had dropped Nathan off at school and he was laughing. Apparently, when the teachers greeted him, Nathan whispered, “Shhhhhh! Quiet starts with a Q!”

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Time for a Change you notice something different? I needed to change the look of my blog. It was time for something new. I love change, but I have found that living with three boys who don't like change so much has stifled me a bit. So, rather than rebelling against them and rearranging all the furniture in the house, I just changed the look on my blog.

In other news, the boys have been really funny lately. We were at a restaurant a few days ago, and there was music playing in the background. Nathan started swaying back and forth. I asked him if he was dancing, and he nodded. David said, "It looks like he is dancing the Mumba." I thought he must be talking about the mambo, so I asked him where he learned about that dance. He replied, "Oh we did it at school." This surprised me and I couldn't imagine preschool teachers wanting to teach ballroom dancing to a bunch of 4 and 5 year old kids. So, I asked him when they learned it. He said, "You were there. It was at that big party in the gym." I couldn't remember what he was talking about, so he said, "You know...with the music and the stick." Ah yes...the Limbo...just a slight difference from the Mambo.

Then we have yesterday. David had not obeyed very well at school, so I decided that we needed to sit down and really talk about it. After we talked about what he did and how he was going to act differently, he said, "Yeah, I guess God forgot to come into my heart and it made me make some really bad choices. Why did he do that?" It's pretty bad when they start blaming God, isn't it? Oh my!