Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday David

Seven years ago today, I was staring into the face of a beautiful little boy for the first time. It was probably pretty close to the exact time that I am typing out this post. This morning after the birthday boy had been served breakfast in bed and was getting ready for school, Brian turned to look at me and said, "I can't believe it has been seven years!" The funny thing is that I was thinking the exact same thing.

David is a sweet boy. He cares about people's feelings and is a bit of a people pleaser. Now, I will admit that this does not keep him from talking excessively during school or telling people that they are wrong, but he genuinely does care about other people. For example, I was taking cupcakes to school today for his class, and he asked if I could get both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes because there were several in the class that don't like to eat chocolate. He also wanted to make sure that the girls got something different than the boys because they might not like boy decorated cupcakes. So, he can be pretty sweet sometimes.

Today we had a family birthday celebration time, and on Tuesday of next week, he will have a party with his friends. He wanted an Indiana Jones party, so we are going on a search for a lost treasure, and there is going to be a big boulder in some form or fashion because everyone knows that you can't have an Indiana Jones adventure without a boulder...or so I have been told.

It has been a fun day for David, and Brian and I have enjoyed getting to spend the day talking about all the little things we remember about the day he was born and each of the days we have been blessed to have with this special boy.

Monday, March 17, 2008

David's BIG Day

No, it was not his birthday. He is eagerly awaiting THAT day which is only a week away. However, this past Friday probably ranks up there of top days of his life in his sweet little heart and mind.

On Friday, David received Wildcat Mail Call in chapel. Every Friday, the teachers will write notes to the students who have shown Christ and they are given the notes in chapel. Just so you understand, these notes are not handed out in a quiet fashion. They count out how many notes there are by slamming them down on the podium and all the kids scream out the number.

ONE --- TWO --- THREE --- FOUR --- FIVE ---
SIX --- SEVEN --- EIGHT --- NINE --- TEN --- ELEVEN.

Then, the principal steps up to the podium, and in a voice befitting a basketball game announcer, begins to call out the kids' names. "From our Kindergarten classes, let's here it foooor....." and then he gives the name of the kid. Then the rest of the kids go crazy. Everyone starts jumping up and down screaming for this kid. It is the most incredible thing to watch. You have all these kids that are truly excited that someone else has gotten a wildcat mail call card.

I don't think I will ever forget the look on David's face when his name was called. He heard his name and then jumped up and ran to the front. He was so excited. He then stood there and was ever so serious about reading what his teacher had written.

To top the whole experience off, David's big buddy, Greyson, did the devotional that morning in chapel and talked about how God blesses us and is so powerful. He then shared how God had blessed him with a great little buddy and talked about David's impact on him. All I can say is that I truly love Greyson and the impact he has had on my son. He has been a great example and a great friend to David. I am so impressed with this sixth grader who has an incredible heart for God. I am thankful that he is David's big buddy and mentor.

Friday was a very special day at our house. Brian and I were reminded and once again in awe of the depth of feelings you can experience when you watch your child experience something truly phenomenal in his life. It is moments like these that I hope to carry with me forever.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Asking Questions in Heaven

Yesterday, David said, "I sure hope I see George Washington in heaven because I have some questions to ask him." I asked him who else he would like to see in heaven, and he said, "Abraham Lincoln, George W. Bush and whoever the next president will be."

Today, after I asked him to repeat his list to his dad, I asked him what he wanted to ask them. He responded with, "I want to ask them how old they lived to be and how their life went."

This started a conversation about presidents, and now Brian is teaching David the names of each of the presidents. I think David and his dad are pretty excited about this little project. I have a feeling that we have a little guy at our house that will dream of being president someday! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We are still here...

It has been awhile since I have posted. The boys and I were on Spring Break last week, and we were busy cleaning out closets and making lots and lots of messes! We also spent the week in awe at the change in the weather. We went from beautiful weather in the upper 70's to thunderstorms and rain to snow. It snowed twice during spring break, and the boys had a blast playing in it. Now we are back to beautiful weather and are hoping it stays this way for awhile.

I would love to use this post to tell you some great, funny stories, but I honestly have nothing for you. We have had some fun moments since I last posted and have laughed a lot. However, my brain has been busy with other things, and I have forgotten all those cute things the kids have done and said in the past week.

One thing I do think is kind of funny and would like to share has nothing to do with the boys. I have a site meter on this blog that tells me how many people look at the blog each day, where these people are located, and even tells me how they got to my blog. Many of those hits come from google searches, and I have found that a large number of people are ending up here because of the following searches:

1. Humpty dumpty costumes;
2. Bathroom stories; and
3. Diaper stories.

Now I will admit that I did a search about Humpty Dumpty costumes when I was trying to figure out how to make Nathan's costume, but I am a little curious as to why people are searching for bathroom stories and diaper stories. :)

I hope each of you have a great week! I am sorry that there is not much to this post, but I did want you to know that we are still alive and kicking. I promise the next post will be a lot more fun!