Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We are still here...

It has been awhile since I have posted. The boys and I were on Spring Break last week, and we were busy cleaning out closets and making lots and lots of messes! We also spent the week in awe at the change in the weather. We went from beautiful weather in the upper 70's to thunderstorms and rain to snow. It snowed twice during spring break, and the boys had a blast playing in it. Now we are back to beautiful weather and are hoping it stays this way for awhile.

I would love to use this post to tell you some great, funny stories, but I honestly have nothing for you. We have had some fun moments since I last posted and have laughed a lot. However, my brain has been busy with other things, and I have forgotten all those cute things the kids have done and said in the past week.

One thing I do think is kind of funny and would like to share has nothing to do with the boys. I have a site meter on this blog that tells me how many people look at the blog each day, where these people are located, and even tells me how they got to my blog. Many of those hits come from google searches, and I have found that a large number of people are ending up here because of the following searches:

1. Humpty dumpty costumes;
2. Bathroom stories; and
3. Diaper stories.

Now I will admit that I did a search about Humpty Dumpty costumes when I was trying to figure out how to make Nathan's costume, but I am a little curious as to why people are searching for bathroom stories and diaper stories. :)

I hope each of you have a great week! I am sorry that there is not much to this post, but I did want you to know that we are still alive and kicking. I promise the next post will be a lot more fun!


Cindy said...

Maybe- like someone I know & love whose name begins with G :) -Nathan might want to be like Evel Knievel...?

stace said...

Want to be like him? I think he already think he is! :)