Tuesday, January 22, 2008

David's Proverbs & Nathan's too!

My friend Cindy forwarded me an email listing out the beginning of well known proverbs that were completed by first graders. For example, it said, "It's always darkest before" and the first grader filled in "before daylight savings time." It was pretty funny so I decided to have David complete the list too. Here are his proverbs. A few don't make much sense, but some of the others are pretty good.

Strike while the……clock ????

It’s always darkest….at night time

Never underestimate the power of……the devil

You can lead a horse to water but……not lead it to badness

Don’t bite the hand that…..is God’s

No news is……..newer than God

A miss is as good as a ……………. Bad catch

You can’t teach an old dog new ……things

If you lie down with dogs, you’ll…… be warm

Love all, trust…….in the Lord

The pen is mightier than the……devil

An idle mind is …….. lazy

Where there is smoke there’s …….a fire alarm

Happy the bride who……is with their husband

A penny saved is ……..one cent

Two is company, but three is…….not

Don’t put off until tomorrow what…….you need

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and…….you are pouting

There are none so blind as ………the devil

Children should be seen and not…….be mean

If at first you don’t succeed……..read

You get out of something what you……can get stuck in it

when the blind lead the blind…..that means sin

A bird in the hand is ……. Food

Better late than …..night


I added Nathan's proverbs too. All I can say is "Oh my!" He needed some help understanding what I was asking so my explanations may have confused him on some.

Strike while the…… force is with you

It’s always darkest….when the lights are turned off

Never underestimate the power of……the force

You can lead a horse to water but……you can’t feed him to much

Don’t bite the hand that…..hurts

No news is……..not exciting

A miss is as good as a ……………. ball

You can’t teach an old dog new ……tricks

If you lie down with dogs, you’ll…… be eight

Love all, trust…….me

The pen is mightier than the……pencil

An idle mind is …….. nothing

Where there is smoke there’s …….fire

Happy the bride who……gets married

A penny saved is …….. for the Senior girls to go to Africa (his class is collecting coins to help the senior girls go on a mission trip.)

Two is company, but three is…….nothing

Don’t put off until tomorrow what…….clothes you need

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and…….you get a shot

There are none so blind as ………us

Children should be seen and not…….get a lot of toys out

If at first you don’t succeed……..you should burp

You get out of something what you……put in the sack

when the blind lead the blind…..that is not staying home

A bird in the hand is ……. A robin

Better late than …..staying out

T Week

This week is T week in David's class, and it seems very fitting to talk about the things I am thankful for during T week. So here are some of the things that I am extremely thankful for today.
  1. I am thankful for my new nephew, Trevyn Zane. I still haven't seen a picture, but I have heard that he is a cutie and a sweet little guy. I am thankful that he is doing well and that my sister-in-law sounded phenomenal on the phone yesterday, even with sleep deprivation and being the mom of 4 sweet kiddos.
  2. I am thankful that Brian is home from a leadership conference with some of the teens in the youth group. I love my husband immensely and miss him a lot when he is gone. We have a joke that every time Brian leaves, things fall apart. I would love to say that we made it this weekend without a hitch, but I will have to say that we ALMOST made it without a hitch. Sunday afternoon the boys were playing and Nathan fell and hit his head on the corner of his bed. So now, between his eyebrows he has a little bump (much smaller than on Sunday) and a nasty scrape.
  3. I am thankful for good friends with medical experience who don't judge you when you call and ask exactly what type of head wound warrants a trip to the ER.
  4. I am thankful for a very sweet David. David has his moments where he can be a bit.....ummmm, shall we say, stubborn and argumentative, but there are so many more times where he is such a deep thinker and loving. On Saturday night, David asked that if either Brian or I were to die if the one that was living would remarry. I was caught off guard because it was out of the blue. So, we talked a little about how sad something like that would makes us and more. I tried to find out why he was asking the question, but never really got a clear answer on that. At the end of our conversation, he said, "Well, if somebody has to die first, I hope it is dad because I want you to live forever." Gee, thanks....I think.
  5. I am thankful for a very sweet little Nathan. I don't know how a child can get into so much stuff but still keep you laughing. His new request is that we call him Mr. Nathan. He said he was baby Nathan when he was a baby. Then he became Nathan Andrew when he was 3 and 4. Now that he is 5, he is Mr. Nathan.
  6. I am of course very thankful for good friends and all of my family. Words cannot even begin to express how much all of my family and friends impact my life on a daily basis, so I won't even try. :)
  7. Most of all, I am thankful to my great God for blessing my life and for sending His precious son to die for my sins.

There are so many more things that I am thankful for, but those are the highlights. I hope you have a very thankful T week too!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's a Boy!

Noooo...I am not pregnant! :)

I got the call this morning that I have another sweet little nephew! I wish I could make a quick trip to Nebraska to see him, but unfortunately, it is a little too far away. So for now, I am waiting for pictures!

My brother told me that our new little guy weighs 8 pounds, and we are not sure how long because they had not measured him yet. When I asked him what his name is, my brother told me to call back tomorrow because they were still in negotiations about that. (My nephew, Tyler, thinks his name should either be Mack or DJ from the Cars movie!) I talked to my mom after she took my two nephews and niece up to meet their baby brother. She said he has a ton of red hair just like Tyler and looks a lot like Tyler. Maybe he should get to name him then! :)

For right now, it sounds like everyone is doing well....tired, but well. I will post a picture as soon as I get one if it is okay with my brother and sister-in-law.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Building Birdhouses

The boys started back to school today, and I must admit that a quiet house was kind of nice...for awhile. However, I sort of started missing them and the noise they create in our house.

I knew they would be kind of tired when they got home after a long school day, but I wanted the whole family to spend some time together since it was Brian's day off. After we picked the boys up from school and made a quick trip to Wal-Mart, Brian and I sat down with the boys to put together some birdhouse kits that the boys got for Christmas from Grandma Barbara.

Our family project began with the boys trying to tear open the boxes while I tried to convince them that we needed to do it carefully so that the pieces would not break or get lost. Let's just say that we met somewhere in the middle. Once the boxes were open, we started looking at and following the directions. It took Brian and me about 2 minutes to determine the instructions were worthless, and we branched out on our own.

We glued. We nailed. I was helping Nathan, and at one point in the building phase, he said, "This is man's work!" Unfortunately, when you see the picture, you might agree.

It was all going great until it came time to put the roof on the birdhouse. Somehow, the sides of Nathan's birdhouse were a little too high for the roof to lay flat. (Hmmmm...I wonder how that happened?) Needless to say, Nathan and I had to use a seriously huge amount of glue to get the roof on his birdhouse.

Now, I try to be a cool "boy" mom by doing "boy things" with them, but this event did not do much to build my credibility. In addition to Nathan's "man work" comment, David kept telling me that I was not real good at hammering or building. My sweet husband did stand up for me though by saying, "She might not be a builder but she does know how to fix a car."

I guess from now on we will skip the family building projects and will spend our family time giving the car a tune-up.

I will have to add the pictures later. The camera battery is dead, and I can't take a picture. Once it is recharged, I will add a picture of the architecturally challenged birdhouse.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Why is it that we always have to start the new year out so tired? I desperately wanted to go to bed about 9:00pm last night; however, an unnamed father told his six year old son about the ball dropping and the six year old decided that he REALLY wanted to see this happen. Since the unnamed daddy was at a lock-in with the youth group, this tired old mom forgot about being tired and watch movies with her two little boys!

Nathan, unfortunately, conked out at about 9:15 pm. So, I carried him to bed. David made it until about 10:40. I turned the TV to an east coast station and woke him up right before 11:00 so he could see the ball drop. He watched it and immediately fell back asleep, so I carried him to bed. This morning he woke me up early and asked why I didn't wake him up so that he could see the ball drop. So, if anyone taped the ball dropping, we could use a copy of it here at our house!

You may be wondering when that unnamed daddy told that six year old about the ball dropping, right? (Okay, probably not, but I was trying to transition into a discussion about their trip to the Independence Bowl!) Brian and David got home yesterday afternoon after cheering Alabama on to victory over Colorado. This was not only David's first Bowl game, but it was also his first Alabama game.

If you have read this blog for very long, you will remember that David got sick and was not able to go to Alabama's game versus Arkansas a year ago. He became pretty bitter about the fact that he didn't get to go to the game and decided he liked Arkansas more than Alabama which broke Brian's heart. However, when boys at school started saying that Alabama was a bad team, our competitive little guy realized that crimson runs through his blood and now he is a die-hard Bama fan.

When Brian asked for tickets to the Bowl game for Christmas, I asked him if it would be okay if he just took David and left Nathan and me home to spend time hanging out with each other. Nathan and I both like football, but Nathan's attention span would have gotten us through the first quarter (maybe) and then I would have been wrestling with him the rest of the game. So Sunday, David and Brian set off on their dream of a life-time, and from the reports they have given, they had a really good time.

I asked David what his favorite thing about the game was and he told me two things:

  1. Alabama won.
  2. Colorado's buffalo running on to the field.

He then told me, "Daddy said I was never supposed to say this, but there was a crazy man saying really bad stuff that God doesn't want us to say. And the bathroom was just filthy! It had words written on the bathroom walls and dad said that you don't read in the bathroom. Don't say anything about it because I am never supposed to talk about this stuff with anyone and I cannot repeat a word of it!"

Oh my!