Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Why is it that we always have to start the new year out so tired? I desperately wanted to go to bed about 9:00pm last night; however, an unnamed father told his six year old son about the ball dropping and the six year old decided that he REALLY wanted to see this happen. Since the unnamed daddy was at a lock-in with the youth group, this tired old mom forgot about being tired and watch movies with her two little boys!

Nathan, unfortunately, conked out at about 9:15 pm. So, I carried him to bed. David made it until about 10:40. I turned the TV to an east coast station and woke him up right before 11:00 so he could see the ball drop. He watched it and immediately fell back asleep, so I carried him to bed. This morning he woke me up early and asked why I didn't wake him up so that he could see the ball drop. So, if anyone taped the ball dropping, we could use a copy of it here at our house!

You may be wondering when that unnamed daddy told that six year old about the ball dropping, right? (Okay, probably not, but I was trying to transition into a discussion about their trip to the Independence Bowl!) Brian and David got home yesterday afternoon after cheering Alabama on to victory over Colorado. This was not only David's first Bowl game, but it was also his first Alabama game.

If you have read this blog for very long, you will remember that David got sick and was not able to go to Alabama's game versus Arkansas a year ago. He became pretty bitter about the fact that he didn't get to go to the game and decided he liked Arkansas more than Alabama which broke Brian's heart. However, when boys at school started saying that Alabama was a bad team, our competitive little guy realized that crimson runs through his blood and now he is a die-hard Bama fan.

When Brian asked for tickets to the Bowl game for Christmas, I asked him if it would be okay if he just took David and left Nathan and me home to spend time hanging out with each other. Nathan and I both like football, but Nathan's attention span would have gotten us through the first quarter (maybe) and then I would have been wrestling with him the rest of the game. So Sunday, David and Brian set off on their dream of a life-time, and from the reports they have given, they had a really good time.

I asked David what his favorite thing about the game was and he told me two things:

  1. Alabama won.
  2. Colorado's buffalo running on to the field.

He then told me, "Daddy said I was never supposed to say this, but there was a crazy man saying really bad stuff that God doesn't want us to say. And the bathroom was just filthy! It had words written on the bathroom walls and dad said that you don't read in the bathroom. Don't say anything about it because I am never supposed to talk about this stuff with anyone and I cannot repeat a word of it!"

Oh my!

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Cindy said...

Does he still think there are "birdhouses" in the women's restrooms?