Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday David

Seven years ago today, I was staring into the face of a beautiful little boy for the first time. It was probably pretty close to the exact time that I am typing out this post. This morning after the birthday boy had been served breakfast in bed and was getting ready for school, Brian turned to look at me and said, "I can't believe it has been seven years!" The funny thing is that I was thinking the exact same thing.

David is a sweet boy. He cares about people's feelings and is a bit of a people pleaser. Now, I will admit that this does not keep him from talking excessively during school or telling people that they are wrong, but he genuinely does care about other people. For example, I was taking cupcakes to school today for his class, and he asked if I could get both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes because there were several in the class that don't like to eat chocolate. He also wanted to make sure that the girls got something different than the boys because they might not like boy decorated cupcakes. So, he can be pretty sweet sometimes.

Today we had a family birthday celebration time, and on Tuesday of next week, he will have a party with his friends. He wanted an Indiana Jones party, so we are going on a search for a lost treasure, and there is going to be a big boulder in some form or fashion because everyone knows that you can't have an Indiana Jones adventure without a boulder...or so I have been told.

It has been a fun day for David, and Brian and I have enjoyed getting to spend the day talking about all the little things we remember about the day he was born and each of the days we have been blessed to have with this special boy.

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