Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Our Family Portrait

We now have a new family portrait by our favorite artist. What do you think?

As you have probably already guessed, David is our wonderful and favorite artist. Just to make sure you understand his art, I will provide a few explanations.

David is on the far left sporting his favorite #6 Wildcats football jersey (and for some reason is bald...maybe he was anticipating his haircut today). Then you have me wearing a blue Broncos football jersey with the number 7. Nathan (who looks somewhat like a caterpillar in the beginning stages of building a cocoon) is wearing his red shirt with black and yellow stripes and is also quite bald. Finally, we have Brian on the right. Brian is also wearing a Broncos football jersey and has very large and very yellow ears.

Yep...it is a perfect rendering of our family!

1 comment:

tish said...

at least the sun is out....are ya'll Broncos fans???