Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Life of a Youth Minister's Family

Brian took the week off since it is also my Spring Break, and we have spent the past week breaking our backs, knees and muscles we didn't even know existed relandscaping our flower beds in the front yard. (And yes, we were trying to fix the bushes I killed last fall!) In spite of the hard work, it was worth all the effort because they look much, much better. It was a very productive week...with one exception.

Last night we woke up hearing noises outside of our house and found this:

Ahhhhh yes....the life of a youth minister at its best! :-)

The boy next door was mortified that someone would do this to our house after we had spent so much time digging up shrubs and getting the beds ready to plant stuff. While he and his sister helped us clean up, we had to explain that they do this in fun and didn't do it to be mean (we think).

The funny thing is that these teens think they got us. Little do they know that revenge is such a sweet, sweet thing!

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AmyB said...

Oh wow! You will have to fill me in when the revenge happens. :) I look forward to reading your blog! See you next week maybe!