Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The other night the boys and I were eating dinner, and Elvis came up in our discussion. (Don't ask...I cannot remember how.) As soon as his name was said, Nathan said, "I saw him in a concert, and Brock was there too." Here is the rest of our conversation.

I kind of chuckled and said, "I don't think so Nathan. Elvis is dead."


Me: "Seriously Nathan, he really died. People dress up like him sometimes, but Elvis really is dead."

Nathan: "NO! ELVIS IS NOT DEAD! I saw him and Brock was there too."

David: "He saw him at the Redbirds game Mom. Remember the guy who dressed up like him and was singing his songs. Brock was at that game too. Nathan, Elvis really is dead. He started Rock-N-Roll and then took too much medicine and died."

(At this point, I am sort of staring in shock at David.)

Nathan: "Ohhhhhhh. I guess he didn't have God in his heart, did he?"

Me: "Ummmm...he definitely made some bad choices in his life."

David: "Like what? What other bad choices did he make."

(Nothing like being put on the spot by your 7 year old.)

Me: "Well, he drank a lot of alcohol and got drunk, and God tells us in the Bible not to get drunk."

Nathan: "SOMEBODY DRANK ELVIS?????!!!!!"

Me: "Noooooo! He would drink stuff called alcohol and that can make you act crazy and it is called being drunk."

Nathan: "Ohhhhhh"

David: "So what is alcohol?"

(At this point, I was thinking, "Why isn't your dad here for supper tonight?!?!")

Me: "Alcohol is something that is in certain kinds of drinks. Beer has alcohol in it."

David: "ROOT BEER? I have had root beer before. Why did you let me drink something that would make me drunk?"

Me: "Root beer doesn't have alcohol in it...just plain ol' beer. Look, Elvis made some bad choices, and God wants us to make good choices instead. Now finish your supper up so that you have some time to play before bed."

That ended our Elvis conversation. I am going to bet that Nathan went to school and told somebody that Elvis is dead because someone drank him and that David probably will check the ingredients on the root beer next time we offer him a drink. Oh my!


Rachel said...

That is one fantastic conversation. :) Your boys crack me up!

Cindy said...

I don't know about ya'll, but I see Elvis all the time in Memphis-

of course the last time I saw him I think he was Asian...