Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Brian,

Nine years ago today, we shared a pretty big day together. We stood up before a group of people and made some promises to each other, exchanged rings, and shared an awkward and very long moment at the unity candle wondering why we picked such a long song. You sang to me as I walked down the aisle towards you, and you still won't let me forget that I didn't cry a single tear during that whole ceremony. We gave each other our hearts, and you gave me your name. What a day!

Well, here we are nine years later. Some days it seems like that day just happened, and other days it seems like we have been together forever. We have grown up and grown together these past nine years, haven't we? We have handled some tough experiences and experienced some great times together.

There are so many reasons for why I am so thankful for you, but since we have been married for nine years, I will share nine reasons why I am thankful for you and why I love you.

  1. I love to talk to you. I am so thankful that I can tell you anything. I am thankful for the insight that you have on situations and how you are able to make me see things from a different perspective. You listen to my thoughts, ideas, problems, concerns and dreams, and you never dismiss them as silly, dumb, or something you don't have time for, even if you don't agree with them or if they are crazy.
  2. I love how you make me laugh. You have that sarcastic sense of humor, and you know exactly when to use it. I can be boiling mad, and you always know what to say to bring a smile to my face and a chuckle from my heart.
  3. I love to watch you be a dad. You are a great dad. I love that you have taught our kids to place God first in their lives. I am so thankful that you are involved in our boys' lives and there is nothing better than watching you with them.
  4. I am thankful that you help with the dishes and the laundry. You help me out so much, and I really appreciate it.
  5. I love it when you stop by my office to bring me a cup of coffee. Nothing makes me feel better than knowing that you want to go out of your way to see me.
  6. I am thankful that you let me work on cars with you. We haven't worked on a car together in awhile, but don't think that I have forgotten or will ever forget our first date! :)
  7. I am so very thankful that you get rid of any mice caught in the mousetraps in our house and that you will kill the spiders in the boys' bathroom without me having to ask.
  8. I am thankful for your God-centered heart, and your knowledge of the Bible.
  9. Last but not least, I am thankful that you chose me. You could have picked any other girl, but you picked me and have completely given me your heart. I could not ask for anything more.

Brian, you are my best friend, and if you asked me to do it all over again, I would gladly marry you again in a heartbeat. Thanks for choosing me and for all that you do to make this family a great one.

I love you and I will never forget...



B said...

It's times like these that I'm glad I don't have a blog. I couldn't top this (although I'm anxious to find out what number 10 is next year).

Thank you for saying yes. My life has been better every day since.

Jen said...

This is so sweet! Congratulations and happy anniversary to the both of you! I hope y'all had a great day.

Odgie said...

That's quite a tribute. Happy anniversary to you both.

Tucker said...

I wanna say, "Gag me with a spoon", good grief! this is so mushy!
But, I will refrain...Congratulation to the two of you, I knew it would last! Your good people and I am proud of you.

Your Big brother!

stacey said...

Brian, I guess I will go ahead and tell you number 10. Number 10 is that you understand why your Aaron Neville impersonation freaks me out and you refrain from doing it...most of the time. It might change before next year, but you are going to have to work hard to be great at something else!

Thanks Jen and Odgie! We had a great day hanging out together and finishing our Christmas shopping and just being together.

Steve, ummmmm....gag me with a spoon?!!?? I think you are stuck in a decade from a couple of decades back! But thanks anyway for the congrats!

bjl said...

Happy belated Anniversary. You two make a great couple and your love for each other shines in your eyes. I am sooo happy and thankful to have you for a daughter-in-law. I just wish my parents and Chuck could have known you and seen how happy and complete you have made Brian.

Haylee N Davis said...

I'm very late commenting on this one, Stacey!

However, I just read your letter to Brian and want to offer my congratulations on a marriage focused on genuine love. A sincere, Godly marriage is a rare treasure that you two have clearly discovered, hold on forever!

Miss late night accounting problems...


Cindy said...

That almost made me cry, it was so sweet. Happy late anniversary and I miss you! :)