Thursday, August 02, 2007

Taking Care of Daddy

The other day, Brian woke up sick. Having Brian home when he normally would be at work kind of throws our day into a loop. The boys were very concerned about why their daddy was home and what they needed to do to take care of him. At one point, I heard them in our bedroom, and I heard Brian asking them to leave him alone. So I went to the door and told them to come with me and to leave poor ol' dad alone.

A little bit later I went into our room to put something away. Brian was sleeping and he had a teddy bear in the crook of one arm and Nathan's alarm clock by his head. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of him. I guess the boys fixed him up pretty well.

On another note, school is about to begin, and David is eagerly anticipating finding out who is teacher is. We will be able to find out Friday at 4:00pm. Until then it is top secret. We have gotten all of his school supplies though. For the record, it is not cheap to buy school supplies!

Tomorrow, I will have a fun little movie clip of David to post, so keep watching for it!

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Eco said...

So where's the clip; I've been waiting. :-)