Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday, the boys started school. It seems so early, but I will say that I think they were both ready. David has Mrs. Mote for first grade and is very excited about that. From what I understand, First grade can get pretty tough and there will be a lot of homework, but David is a smart boy and loves school. His biggest challenge will be that he loves to talk too much. We worked on his self-control last year, and this year will be more work for him; however, I know he can do it if he just puts his mind to it.

Nathan started Kindergarten yesterday. Several people have asked me if I cried, and I could honestly answer that I didn't. It was a little tough because he just seems so young sometimes and we always have to worry about what that kid is up to. I am afraid of getting the call that he is on top of the roof or something like that; however, I also know that as a parent, the goal is to let them be independent and to not hover and stifle their growth (something that I have not always been good at). So, I am entrusting this little guy to Mrs. Wells and am just going to do a lot of praying! :)

Here are a couple of pictures before school yesterday:

Look how different the boys look from their first day of school picture last year:


Anonymous said...

Where's the ALABAMA shirts this year?

Anonymous said...

or NEBRASKA???? :<)