Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting Caught Up

I know. I know. I always say that I am going to stay up to date, and then I continue to post nothing for a month. I have had so many stories tucked away that I want to share, but I just haven't logged on to do it. I haven't even spent much time reading blogs lately either. I am not going to make any promises for future posts this time, but I will try to share the funny and cute stories a little more often. After you read this post, you can get caught up with some new pictures from Grandparents' Day, soccer, and the zoo.

I do have to share a funny prayer story with you. The boys were saying prayers a couple of night ago before bed, and in his prayer, David said, "God it will be so great to see You on Your throne by the River of Life." When it was Nathan's turn to pray, he didn't want to be left out and said, "God, we will see You at the Nile River." Then the next night, Nathan got the name of the river right, but he said, "When we get to Heaven, we will go swimming in the River of Life and I hope there is not a waterfall."


bjl said...

Thank you for posting again. I love reading all the cute stories and they do come out with some good stuff! Thanks also for the pictures, all though I didn't see any vampire bats. They are doing great with soccer. Nathan looks soooooooo proud of his eye dr scrubs. That was a good idea.

stacey said...

It took me forever to figure out what you meant by the vampire bat! I must need sleep! I don't think that they were able to get any pictures of the vampire bats, but Nathan has assured me that we can go back so that he can see them again. He told me that I didn't have to see them because they might scare me though! :)