Friday, January 12, 2007

David's Week

This week has been a tough week for David. Getting back in the routine of school is never easy, but he has had some added events that have just made it a little rough.

Either Monday or Tuesday, Brian brought David home from school and said, "Something traumatic happened at school today." I looked at David, and he burst into tears and those tears soon became heart-wrenching sobs. I was rather bewildered and looked to Brian for an explanation. He told me that a boy had accidentally thrown David's football on the roof of the school. One of the teachers assured David that there was a man with a big ladder that would come get it down off the roof in a day or two, but that did nothing to appease his pain. Every mention of the football caused another onslaught of the point of being ridiculous. Later in the evening, I discovered that it was really Nathan's ball that was on the roof, and David was worried about telling him. He told Nathan all about it, and Nathan just said, "Oh well." That night, David prayed for the man who would get the ball down off the roof. We still don't have the ball back, but thankfully, he doesn't cry at every mention of it now.

On Wednesday, David came in the door showing me his hand. He had scraped it, and so I gave him the proper sympathy. Then I saw his face. My sweet little boy took a face dive on the cement and had a knot above his eye and some marks on his cheek. I gave him a big hug and asked him if he cried. He said yes, and my heart broke. I hate being away from my kids and not being there to comfort them when they are hurt. He was tough and said it was all okay.

It is Friday, and he is fine. Now he is just bugging me about why rest time isn't over and how long and unfair rest time is!

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Anonymous said...

Bless his heart!
Well, let me know when the man gets the football down... till then, I won't mention the sport. ;)
Call me if you need help this weekend!
I have a car to get there now! :D