Monday, January 29, 2007

What Exactly Is a Surgery?

David spends most of his days asking questions. Yesterday, David and I somehow got into a conversation about surgeries. (I think it started when I told him not to run with his toothbrush in his mouth.) Needless to say, he wanted to know all about the point of a surgery. When I told him there were lots of different kinds of surgeries, his eyes lit up, and I knew that I had just opened the door for a discussion about all the different kinds of surgeries.

After a few explanations about several "tame" surgeries, he asked if I had ever had any surgeries. I replied that I had my appendix removed. He wanted to know what the appendix does and why it had to be removed. (What exactly does an appendix do?) He asked if that was the only surgery I had. I said no and we moved on to the gallbladder...and then the right knee...and then the left knee. I was hoping we could stop there, but I couldn't lie to him when he asked again.

So, I told him I had a c-section. He asked what that was all about, and I told him that the c-section was done by the doctor so he could be born. I am sure that EVERY little boy would love the thought of having to be cut out of his mom's stomach, but I must admit that the conversation was kind of creepy for me.

However, I must say that it lost some of its creepiness when David said, "So the doctor cut you open and I popped out. What color shirt was I wearing?" At that point, I just started laughing so hard that I cried.

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