Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Am Thinking of a Number...

We were on the way home from church on Sunday night after going out to supper with a good friend, and the boys were beginning to get a little "loud" in the backseat. In the past this has really frustrated me, but I have been trying a new approach that has seemed to be working pretty well. I will play a game like "I spy" or make up a silly song to get their minds off the fact that they really want to pester each other. It just makes the ride in the car or the wait in the line at the store go a little more bearable.

On Sunday night, I decided that they need to be distracted and I thought I would try something a little different. I said, "I am thinking of a number between 1 and 10. Can you guess what it is?" This is how the rest of the "game" went.

David shouted out, "43!"

To which I responded, "That isn't between 1 and 10."

Nathan then responded, "A...B....C"

Me: "Nathan, those are letters. You need to pick a number."

David: "27"

Me: "David, a number BETWEEN 1 and 10"

David: "16?"

Me: "No! Between 1 and 10. What numbers come between 1 and 10?"

David: "I don't know."

Me: "David, why don't you count from 1 to 10?"

After much prodding and many hints, David eventually guessed the number. So then it was his turn. He said, "I am thinking of a number between 23 and 2."

Me: "What?

Nathan: "1"

Me: "That is backwards David, but that is okay. How about 16?"

David: "No"

Nathan: "2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10"

Me: "20?"

David: "No, it is 24."

Me: "THAT is NOT between 2 and 23."

David: "I didn't say 2 and 23. I said 23 and 2."

Nathan: "It's my turn. It's my turn. I am thinking of a number between 2 and 3."

David: "Is it 100?"

Nathan: "Yes David! You got it!"

Soooo...math may not be our strong suit just yet. If this is any indicator, it may not ever be our strong suit!


Sarah said...

That is just adorable!

Anonymous said...

I can see why it eases your frustration to play that game in the car :)

They need to spend a week with their gma then they would be doing fractions in the back seat!!! sjs

stace said...


I do play a game with David where I have him add numbers. The twist is that I ask him the numbers in Spanish and he has to answer in Spanish. The funny thing is that he does great at that game. So, the big question that remains is why he can't understand what the word between means!