Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BIG Dreams

The boys were watching a movie about Moses yesterday and when it got to the part where Moses parted the Red Sea, both the boys were in awe. David looked at me and asked, "How did he do that?" I told him that God was with with him and gave him the power to do it so he could save the Israelites.

David then said, "God is so cool. I wish I could be God. I think I will be God for Halloween next year."


AmyB said...

Awesome! So sweet...little does he know or maybe understand that God lives in him everyday already! Precious...

Anonymous said...

haha, great one!

and quite ironic, because just a couple nights ago, a girl that lives in my hall turned to her roommate and said, "Man, God is so much cooler than I am!" Quite a laugh!
She should be friends with David!


bjl said...

I think it's Grandma Sandy's turn to make the costume this year!

Peggy Griffith said...

Stacy, Cindy has told me about your blog, and I finally got to look at it. It is wonderful and so entertaining.
Cindy and I agree--you really do need to put these things into a book. You have a knack with words.
Thanks for being Cindy's friend.
I am not very familiar with blogs, so I hope I did this right.