Thursday, June 12, 2008


The other day, David asked a question and started it the way every conversation should be started with me:

Mom, since you know everything in the world...

He is going to spend his first night with his friend, Luke, on Friday. I am not sure how he will do because sleeping through the night is not his best talent, but I am praying for a great night for him. Luke lives out in the country, and David is really excited to see Luke's cow, chickens and horse. For some reason we were talking about milking cows the other day, and he said maybe he would get to milk Luke's cow. I teased him that maybe he would get to drink some of the milk trying to get a reaction out of him because he is not a huge milk fan. He responded with

Ewwwww! Drink milk from a cow's gutter?!!! I would never do that!


Steve Tucker said...

that is way too funny! a gutter. hope it went ok. can't wait to see the blog about his experience.

Uncle Steve

AmyB said...

So cute!!!!