Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where or Where Has Our Summer Gone?

Wow! The month of July has flown by so fast. We've been on a mission trip to Michigan with our teens. Most of my family came to visit, and we finally got to hold my sweet little nephew, Trevyn. We have been school supply shopping. We've been swimming. We made a quick trip to Edmond, Oklahoma to visit friends and family. It honestly seems like we have spent more time away from home than at home this month. It has been a very fun month though, and we will spend the next week and a half recuperating and getting ready for the boys to start school on August 11th.

Tomorrow I will try to get some pictures uploaded from our summer, but here are some classic quotes from Nathan that I will share with you for today:

Big brothers are so much better than little brothers.

Mom, I think we should use snot as sunscreen. sweet at moments and not so sweet at others.


Anonymous said...

I like the new look!!! ... and they are always sweet!!--mom (grandma s)

bjl said...

I too like the new look and agree that they are always sweet boys.-grandma B