Sunday, September 14, 2008

Have You Been Wondering What We Are Up To?

Nathan was superstar last week. As you will see in the pictures, he dressed up as Darth Vader, which is very appropriate for the week that they are learning about the letter D. The superstar kid makes a star sharing 5 things about himself on each point. Nathan's star was not easy. When I asked Nathan what he wanted to share, he really didn't have any ideas. So I told him that the note said that he could put his favorite things on it (i.e. color, candy, restaurant, vacation spot, etc.) Nathan told me he wanted to put a picture of his favorite door. I asked him where his favorite door was, and he replied, "The door to my room." I told him that was not exactly what we were supposed to be doing, and so he asked if he could put a picture of his favorite room. (Yep, you guessed it...his bedroom.) Needless to say, the task of making the star took a long time, but we ended up with Handy Manny tools, Lego Star Wars game pictures, a picture of Nathan on a fast ride from an amusement park, a picture of Nathan with Mickey Mouse, and a blue crayon for his favorite color.

Here are some pictures from his special day:

David and all the other first graders are Kingdom Kids this year, and they had a concert one day a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, my new teaching schedule has made me miss some of the boys' stuff at school; however, Brian got to go see David sing and took pictures for me.

And now on to what has kept us hopping the most lately: Soccer. Both boys are playing soccer and are having a great time. David didn't know anyone on his team but has made some new friends. There is a girl on his team that is by far the best player on the team, but David is doing pretty good considering he hasn't played since he was 4 years old (and even then he never wanted to get on the field to play). He is great on defense and is just incredibly fast.

Nathan, on the other hand, is just Nathan. He seems to be having fun, but spends a lot of time acting silly. At his last game, I overheard his coach telling him that there is no hugging in soccer. Yeah....that about sums it up.

David has practices on Thursday and Friday, and Nathan has practice on Thursday. Both the boys play games on Saturday. There is an option for a Monday night training session; however, we decided three days were enough for the boys at this age, especially with homework and life in general.

Here are some pictures of the boys from their first games:

Besides all of these things, Brian started a masters program, and I am now teaching 4 classes and studying for the CPA exam. Life is hectic, but also very nice right now. I am thankful for my sweet boys who keep me laughing, and my sweet husband who randomly brings me flowers for no reason at all. I hope life is going just as well for all of you!

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Rachel said...

Great pictures, Stacey--the boys are adorable! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever! I'm so glad things are continuing to go well for you all.