Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Wish I Had a ...

Our boys love Larry Boy. In case you don't know, Larry Boy is a creation of VeggieTale's Big Idea. Larry, the ordinary cucumber, becomes Larry Boy the superhero with a purple and yellow costume and super suction plunger ears. Since everyone needs a superhero, one that teaches morals and Bible verses is a good choice.

One of the Larry Boy movies we have is called Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space. The story line goes something along the line of this: Junior the Asparagus breaks his dad's collector's edition bowling plate. This little fib encourages him to lie and with every lie, the fib grows until he is this massive creature. It basically teaches you of how you can get trapped in a lie, but how telling the truth sets you free. Good little story line.

David absolutely loves the movie. He makes up his own little story lines about the fib and Larry Boy. He loves to color pictures of the fib and Larry Boy trying to save Junior. The appropriate word for the whole thing would be obsessed.

One day while he was drawing pictures of the fib, David said, "Boy, the fib sure does have a big bottom." I responded with something like, "Yeah he sure does." David then caught my attention by saying, "I wish I had a big bottom like the fib." I was like, "David, you REALLY don't want a big bottom like the fib." (meaning... TRUST ME, you really don't want a big bottom like the fib!)

He crossed his arms in his own stubborn way, and said, "Yes I do!"

All I can think at this moment is Why? What is wrong with this child that he would want this? I should have stopped here and just been supportive of his creativity for this dream desire (yeah right!), but I will never learn! So I asked, "David why would you want a big bottom like the fib? What would you do with a big bottom?" Probably not the best choice of words on my part.

David contemplated for a minute and then responded, "I don't know. I guess Iwould sit on a really big potty!"

Note to self: The less questions asked, the better. Life may be a little more boring, but sometimes it is safer not to know!

(By the way, if you are asking yourself if everything in this household comes back to something to do with the bathroom, sadly enough you are on the right track. )

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