Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm going to Disney World!

David has been invited to the birthday party of his betrothed. Okay, not really, but do you remember the wedding shoes post where a little girl name Charissa told him they were getting married? It's her party.

They are going to Party World, which is in another town about 45 miles away. David is pretty excited about this. He gets to ride in his Pre-K teacher's van (Mrs. Tammy is Charissa's mom), and go to this party without his lame ol' mom or dad tagging along.

So, on the way to school today, David was talking about the party and I told him to make sure and tell Charissa he could go to her party and to tell her thank you for inviting him. He then said, "Yeah, I will because I want to go to Disney World!" I am thinking, Uh-Oh! So I ever so gently break the news that this isn't a trip to Disney World; the party is at a place called Party World which is more of a mix between McDonald's Playground and Chuck-E-Cheese. He rather emphatically replied, "No, we are going to Disney World, and Mickey Mouse will be there!"

All I can say is that I am glad that Mrs. Tammy is the one who is driving him there and gets to explain where Mickey Mouse is! :-)

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