Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yet Another Embarrassment to the Family Name

So, I went to pick Nathan up at "school" today, and you will never believe what I saw. It was Nathan running around the gym trying to get away from his late 60's-early 70-ish teacher, who is chasing him and repeatedly saying, "Nathan, please come back here." I wanted to crawl in a hole, but instead, the mean mom side of me came out.

Imagine Nathan's surprise, when he heard my voice say, "NATHAN ANDREW! COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me. Then he gave me a huge grin and kept on running. (That is NOT how it happens in the parenting books!) When I finally got my hands on him, he got in trouble and then had to go apologize to his teacher. She responded to his apology by saying, "You'll obey next time." In a sing-song voice, he said, "I don't think so."

Nathan's teachers have the best attitude about Nathan's "free spirit". All three of them laugh about his candor when it comes to obeying. He will just openly say, "I not going to listen today." Then, he just doesn't listen. Other days, he will say, "I listen today." Then he listens all day. While he does have a little devil side to him, at least he warns you in advance so that you have time to prepare for it!

Now, I would love to blame this trait on Brian, but I don't think Brian was ever like this. I don't think he completely got it from me, but I do know three men in particular from my mom's side of the family who he reminds me of on a daily basis. And that gives me hope because I love and admire those men very much!

For now though, we just try to survive the day in hopes that we will still be able to show our faces at the end of it. If that doesn't work, we always have the option of changing our names!

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