Thursday, March 09, 2006

Everything I learned this week

I have learned some very valuable things this past week, and I thought I would share them with you.

1. Apparently, I am going to be a grandmother -- David's little girlfriend, Carissa, announced that she is going to have two babies and David is the father. (Oh My!) They will be named Charlie and Lola (FYI -- This is from a show on Disney.) When her mom asked her if David was okay with those names, she said that he would be soon enough. And just in case you are wondering, Carissa informed her parents that she and David would be getting married because David said so. (How's that for a submissive wife?) I don't know how much these kids will enjoy being in Junior High and having parents that are in Senior High, but it will make some good material for the Jerry Springer show.

2. Pupils that are unequal in size can be a bad thing -- Brian had a small collision with a kid in the youth group during a flag football game. The kid was running towards Brian while Brian was diving to catch a ball and the kid's knee hit Brian in the head right at the temple. He had a headache that day, but it became worse the next day. He was kind of whining about it, and I wasn't being real sympathetic until I looked into his eyes and noticed that one pupil seemed rather large and the other seemed rather small. I kindly suggested he rest and call his Aunt Becky who is our favorite neurologist in the world. She advised getting it checked out if he continued having problems because it could be a sign of a more severe brain injury such as bleeding in the brain. Aaaagggghhh! (I think his headache got a little worse after hearing that!) So, the next day he went to the doctor to get his head checked out and walked away with a mild concussion and a great sense of relief. Through this, I did learn that 20-25% of the population's pupils are different sizes all the time. So now, you have also learned something new this week...unless you already knew that.

3. While he is creative, David is not the one to go to if you need a definition for a word -- If you have read much of this blog, you have probably come to the conclusion that David likes to talk. Well, not only does he like to talk, he uses words that he doesn't fully understand the meaning of out of context. Now, in his defense, I did this as a child; however, David has perfected my feeble attempts at using big words by adding a new twist to it. If he gets the least little hint that he has used a word wrong, he will then ask us if we know the definition of the word and then define it for us using his own definition. For example, the other day he said, "We'll have to intact them." I kind of snickered, and before I got a chance to ask him what he meant, he asked, "Do you know what intact means?" I shook my head no and he said it was when people were trying to get when people were trying to get balloons. He then asked me if I knew what Tacky meant. So, I shook my head no again, and he said it is when something bigger is going to happen. It gets really funny when he realizes he said something wrong and then says it is a word in Spanish that means whatever he was intending for it to mean in his sentence. Silly Boy!

and finally...

4. Little boys come up with the best stalling tactics for bedtime -- Our boys have refined the art of stalling at bedtime or naptime. A few of my favorites from Nathan are...
"The puppy is ruffing at me." (referring to the dog next door that likes to bark)
"I can't sleep out there. It's raining." (as if we were going to make him sleep outside in the rain.)
"My pillow is wet/hot/bumpy." (There might be one drop of water from his cup on the pillow and it will always affect his sleeping. He doesn't realize that he drools like a madman while he is sleeping and soaks his pillow during the night.)
David just wraps his all up into one -- "These sounds are trying to keep me awake!"

Like I said, this week has been full of new and exciting revelations. I hope your week has been just as much a learning experience!

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