Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring Break Super Hero Fun

It is Spring Break and the boys have been playing like crazy. Yesterday, they were pretending to be super heroes. At one point, I saw David dressed in a long-sleeve t-shirt, his batman underwear, a batting glove on one hand and my beanie from when I was a Brownie on his head. Apparently, the outfit is what makes a great superhero. (I am not sure what powers he had, but honestly, I was too afraid to ask with that outfit!)

I have been Spring cleaning and trying to (finally) get all of our stuff put away from the move. I spent the day in David's room purging his collection of paper and reorganizing toys. I had to work hard to convince him that there are small children somewhere with no toys and that he no longer needed the baby toys that had infiltrated his room. He finally agreed and even helped go through some of his toys. After yesterday, I decided that my children have way too many toys, and we really do need to adhere to the "one toy comes in - one toy goes out" rule.

Today, I will work on Nathan's room. While his toys are already a little more organized, Nathan will be working on scrubbing his "artwork" off of the furniture. He so kindly announced this morning that I needed to come quick and look at how he colored his room. He used a colored pencil to color his furniture. He stood there with pencil in hand and asked, "Isn't it beautiful mommy?" I told him that his art was beautiful, but he needed to only color on paper. He then bowed his little head and said, "I am sorry that I colored a beautiful picture on my room." I sort of felt bad until I saw him glance up with a sly little smile and then when he realized I was looking, sobered up quick and bowed his head again. (Note to self: Watch out for that kid!)


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea that I like to do...when I do "spring" cleaning I go into K's room and take all the toys that she never plays with and put them in a big black garbage bag. I label it (so it won't become another mystery bag!) and put it in the attic. In six months, if she hasn't missed anything or asked for it, it is donated. J is old enough to help sort out what she wants/doesn't want. But K wants to save it all, even if she never plays with it! SS

bjl said...

When I was going through my grandmother's treasures after she died I found a piece of the brand new wall paper I "decorated" for her with my crayons. Brian also, "decorated" his table and the wall behind it for his grandmother. I guess Nathan is just following family tradition!!!
Since Grandma B was sooooo wishing that you and the boys could come to AL with Brian this week but can't maybe they would like to do some art work for me instead of the furniture! I would like a nice new picture for my birthday.