Monday, April 17, 2006

Here Comes the Cleaning Bunny

Easter weekend was a whirlwind of activity at our house. We started it off with a Spring cleaning of sorts. Ever since we moved, there has been a bunch of "stuff" in our garage that we have needed to go through. There were boxes from every room in the old house containing that junk you just can't live without even though it hasn't been touched in the past six months. So, I had a "great" idea. I decided we were going to do a clean sweep of the stuff in the garage.

Now, if you haven't seen Clean Sweep on TLC, you have missed out. It is a show with a team of people including Peter, a master organizer and declutterer, and an interior decorator, carpenter, and a bunch of helpers. This group of people work with the homeowners to declutter 2 rooms and completely redo them. So, I am thinking, "It's just one garage. We can go through all the stuff in a day." (First mistake!) So, we get up Saturday. I put the sheets on the ground for the keep, toss and give-away piles. Then I decide that we probably need to make it even more organized by sorting our keep pile by room in the new house so we don't have to sort through it twice. (Second Mistake!)

We carry all the stuff to the back yard and the boys go nuts looking through all of it and grabbing stuff that they must have. I never knew they had so many favorite toys! We sort and sort and sort and sort. It just never ends. We had stuff all over our back yard. It was the most horrific thing I have chosen to do!

The end result...We have stuff to put away in EVERY room of our house. We have a ton of stuff to get rid of and probably need to have a garage sale to accomplish that. I ended up with a horrible sunburn. One of my arms is so sunburned that it turned purple, which I don't think is normal.

So, the next time I have a "GREAT" idea, I am going to go hide in my closet or something. Yes, I am glad that we have sorted through stuff and this is one of our few weekends that we could get it done. The problem is that I really thought we could get everything done Saturday and Sunday, put it nicely, that did not happen! The moral of the story is either don't accumulate so much junk or don't believe what you see on T.V.

The state of our house left the poor Easter Bunny wading through a bunch of stuff to leave Easter baskets for the boys. Nathan proceeded to eat all the chocolate in his basket for breakfast Sunday morning while we were getting ready for church. (Sorry Sunday school teachers!) During rest time, he snuck into David's room and ate all of David's chocolate. (Sorry David and Christian Soldiers teachers!) Our house was so messy that we drove down to the Big City for lunch and a somewhat relaxing afternoon before evening services. It was a busy, but fun day!

Hope all of you had a clean, decluttered and fun Easter weekend!

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Eco said...

You were missing the essential hordes of nameless TLC drones who help with all that decluttering work. They come in handy, I would imagine. If I find them, I'll send them your way.

And, no, a purple arm is not normal, unless you're Barney. And I sure hope you're not a giant purple dinosaur who kids seem to love yet parents would rather see hanging from a tree.