Saturday, April 08, 2006

When It Rains...It Pours...AND Floods

I think it is going to take us at least a week to recover from the events of yesterday and today! Brian was gone all of yesterday and most of today. The boys and I are expecting him back any moment now and let me tell you, it won't be a second to soon! I don't know what it is about Brian being gone, but every time disaster strikes and it's always a test of my coping skills!

Things were going pretty well Friday until a little after 5:00 p.m. I had gotten some laundry done, cleaned the house, worked on my online class and was getting ready to grade some papers when it happened. For the second time of being in this house, my washing machine overflowed. What a mess! And of course, it happened right after 5:00 when our appliance repair guy had already left for the day...actually, had left for the weekend. So, I cleaned up the mess and emptied the water from the washing machine and was left with a ton of soaking wet towels to wring out and dry.

This was all on a day when, if you read the last post you know that neither boy took a nap. So, in addition to having a flood in my laundry room, I had two grouchy little boys. The mess was not horrible though, and I got it cleaned up, fed the boys, put them to bed about 7:00 p.m. and settled into my comfy chair in the living room to get some work done.

Well...not quite. Nathan started coughing...and coughing...and coughing. I checked on him several times and then finally had him come sit with me. Needless to say, I didn't get just a ton of sleep last night.

The dawn of Saturday would surely bring a more relaxing and less eventful day, right?

Wrong! Around 8:00 a.m., Nathan accidentally pulled David's arm out of socket helping him up off the floor. (or as David says, "My arm got sock-ed) I got David calmed down, and then started rushing around to get everybody ready to go. I also had the great dilemma as a parent. Do I wait until 9:00 when the clinic opens to be able to take David to a pediatrician who he knows and is going to be more comfortable with or do I take him to the Emergency Room? Knowing that David would probably handle the doctor's office better and seeing that he was staying pretty calm, I opted for the clinic.

David wanted to tell his Daddy about his arm while I was getting everybody ready, so we called Brian, filled him in on the injury, and then headed to the doctor's office. David did remarkably well; however, even after the doctor said it felt like it was back in the socket and the x-ray looked good, David was still in a lot of pain. I convinced him to put on the sling that the doctor gave us and thought the soreness would get better in a few hours. I even called my mom to see how long it used to bother me after my arm would come out of socket.

Now, seven hours later, it still hurts bad when he moves it the least little bit. The doctor told us if he was still having problems tomorrow to take him to the Emergency Room to have them try to put it in socket again and if that didn't work, he would need to see an orthopedic doctor. So, it looks like tomorrow may be an exciting day too. (As Aunt Judy would say, "Bless his heart!")

As an extra bonus, while I was typing this, Nathan proudly came and told me to come see what he had done in my bathroom. The sweet boy had cleaned part of the floor with a scrubbing brush...and toilet water. (Did I mention that he had just gone the bathroom in the toilet?) I guess I now need to go mop my bathroom floor!

Calgon, take me away!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Stac. That takes me back to a time several years ago when we were all getting ready for the famous family photograph (where Jane, Lin and I all wore scratchy matching outfits). Just before the picture I was keeping you entertained while the adults got ready. I was entertaining you by letting you "fall" off my lap and pulling you back up by your arms......yep. It happened. I pulled your arm out of socket. Wasn't very old but I sure remember it. I felt soooo bad! SS

stace said...

I think that it was more than just "several years ago" -- like 31 or 32 years ago! (Yikes!)

I actually don't remember it, but I did tell David about being in the picture with my arm out of socket. I was trying to convince him to trust me about taking him to the doctor because I had been there and knew it would be better. Too bad it didn't take the first time.

As an update: His arm went back into socket this morning without having to go to the ER. I was seeing if he could rotate it and gently helped him turn his arm out. I think that is when it slipped back into socket.

I never realized that the elbow was connected to the vocal cords, though. Ever since his elbow got better, he has been talking non-stop!

Brother Steve said...

I must say, in reading this, whenever things seem bad here at the homefront with my kids, all I have to do is think of a little house on the SW corner of a little town called Searcy Arkansas and know that life is MUCH more hectic than my chaotic mess. Rachel came in with Kylie and said, "handle this, I am going to finish my lunch." I knew this was not going to be good as she had dumped her entire chicken and noodles on her head. She will think twice about coming to Daddy as I took her to the tub and shower and washed her with the portable shower head. She is all clean now! At least no toilet water was used.

Watch out for pheasant!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do say "Bless his heart". Such precious little guys!!
Love you all.........