Friday, April 07, 2006

Naptime...A Horrid Thing

Naptime has become a difficult thing at our house...again. Nathan has always been a fairly good napper. We have had short periods of time where he tried to assert his independence and refuse to take a nap, but he has now reached that stage where he almost doesn't need that nap (almost being the key word). If he doesn't have it, life is a nightmare from about 5:00p.m. until bedtime. The key is convincing him to fall asleep because he tries everything to keep himself awake. Today was the ultimate naptime moment!

The first time that Nathan came out from his room, he said, "Look mommy. I need to wear my yah-yo's." (Yah-yo's translated is overalls.) I took off the yah-yo's and sent him back to bed.

The next time he came back, he was wearing every pair of clean underwear from his drawer...all 12 of them. It then took 5 minutes for him to get all the underwear off and for him to get climb back into to bed. This episode came with a stern warning that he needed to close his eyes and go to sleep...or else!

Well, about 10 minutes later I hear the door open. Nathan walks out very slowly with his eyes closed, and he is snoring. He walks over to me with eyes still closed and snoring loudly. I walk him back to bed while he kept his eyes closed and snored even louder. I make him climb up in bed and he never once opened his eyes. I think he thought he had me fooled...or at least his hysterical laughing when I closed the door suggested that.

Oh my! At least I am still two steps ahead of this one...well, for now that is!

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