Monday, April 03, 2006

Little Gems

You know how people say things that just stick with you forever? Sometimes they are funny; sometimes they are little nuggets of wisdom. Here are some funny little gems from the boys:

David: In his prayer Sunday night..."And thank you that our house wasn't blown away by the tormado." (And I didn't mean to type tornado. He really calls them tormadoes.)

Nathan: Monday morning when he woke up..."MOMMY, it stopped raining. It's not night anymore. The floods came up." (They are studying Noah and the Ark in Bible class.)

Nathan: Every other morning..."Mommy, it's today! Get up can do it!"

David: Looking at Carissa (his girlfriend) with an awed look on his face while at Playworld at his birthday party..."She's so beautiful!"

David: After I tucked in his shirt..."Can I unplug my shirt when I get to school?"

Nathan: After I asked him if he was daddy's boy..."Yes, and you are my girl!"

Nathan: After being asked NOT to go potty in the bathtub..."But I like it. It's fun!"

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