Wednesday, May 31, 2006

David Strikes Again

Here is another funny David moment. One of the kids in our youth group is at home alone this week while his parents are on a trip. I made some poppy seed chicken for him so he could have some home-cooked food while his mom was gone, and David helped me take it over to him.

Here was our conversation on the way to deliver the food:

David: Now, who are we taking this food to mommy?

Me: We're taking it to Alan.

David: The big kid, Alan? (That is how we distinguish all the kids in the youth group.)

Me: Yes

David: Are we taking food to his mommy and daddy too?

Me: No, just to Alan. His mommy and daddy are on a trip.


Me: Yes, but he is older David. He is old enough to stay home by himself.

David thought for a second and then asked: Can he get a drink all by himself when he is thirsty?

Me: Yes, he can.

David: Can he choose to eat whatever he wants for supper?

Me: Yes, he can.

David: What are we taking him for supper?

Me: Poppy seed chicken.

David: With rice?

Me: Yes, with rice.

David: If he is old enough to choose whatever he wants for supper, then why would he choose rice?!!!



We pulled up to church last night and David became very concerned and asked,"How is Alan going to get to church?" Brian told David that Alan would drive his truck to church, and David responded quite dramatically, "HE IS OLD ENOUGH TO DRIVE??!!!"

(If the length of time we have been driving determines how old we are, then I guess I am ancient!)


Mark Elrod said...

Yes, Alan is a big boy. But not big enough to put the plate from the poppyseed chicken in the dishwasher. It was on the dinning room table when we got home.

Thanks for taking care of him while we were gone and for the cute story.

stace said...

Don't blame him for that because it was my fault. I was the crazy woman who told him that I had purposely used disposable dishes that could be thrown away so that he wouldn't have to do dishes. I just happened to forget that I had carried those disposable dishes in the house on one of my cookie sheets. So, I would say he did pretty good by not throwing the pan away like I told him to do!

Thanks for all you and Tish do for the youth group and our family. We appreciate you guys so much!

Anonymous said...

awwww... how are your boys so cute? hope nebraska is treating you well. I'm ready for us all to be at home in Searcy together again... :(


MomInStands said...


It's time for a new POST! I know you have funny stories...let's hear some.

If you run out of kid stories, move on to the youth group!