Sunday, May 07, 2006

What's in a Name?

Daddy's home! Brian has been gone to California since Tuesday, and for two little boys (and mom), that is entirely too long. It was a bit of a stressful week for him to be gone because of everything we had going on last week, but we managed and everything worked out pretty well.

I must admit though, it was rather discouraging to get a call from Brian in the middle of the week as he drove through the canyons and hills of Malibu in his good friend's Porsche 911 convertible while I was at home convincing Nathan that there is nothing funny or proper about going potty on the living room (or bathroom or bedroom) floor. However, I am glad that Brian was able to go to the lectureship and to some really good classes. It gave him a chance to be filled spiritually, as well as gain some useful tools to use in his ministry. As an added benefit, he was able to spend a little time with his good friend, Nathan and his wife and kids.

I am very thankful for Nathan and Brian's friendship with Nathan. It is one of those friendships that has lasted through time and they are really more like brothers than friends. Since we don't live close to them, Brian and Nathan just don't get to see each other very often. Although they get to talk on the phone, it just isn't the same as when they get to see each other and spend time together. Brian walks away from those times with Nathan renewed and ready to face the world. (I know; it sounds corny worded like that, but I don't know how else to describe it.)

Now, if you haven't already guessed this, our little Nathan is named after the best friend Nathan. Names are really important to me. I read an article the other day about how your name tells if you are going to be successful, and honestly, I just don't buy into that kind of stuff. However, I do think that it is neat to be named after someone special to the family.

Both of my boys are named after people who mean the world to us. David is named after my grandpa, who was my hero and mentor, and Nathan's (the best friend Nathan, that is) dad, who baptized Brian and played a big role in Brian's conversion and spiritual walk. Then his middle name comes from Brian's uncle, who was more like a father to Brian. With Nathan, we knew even before I became pregnant with him that, if we had another son, we would name him Nathan.

Both my boys have big names to live up to. We don't care if they are successful in the eyes of the world, but we hope they walk in the knowledge that they were named after men that we love and respect very much. We hope that we teach them the qualities that these men possess and how to impact others in the way these 4 men have impacted us.

Right now though, the only thing they associate with these great names is how I say them when they are in serious trouble!

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