Friday, May 05, 2006

I Am in Charge

I never knew that 5 year olds felt such a need to be in charge of something. In the past couple of days, David has been telling me, "Well, those are my toys and I am in charge of them" or "That's my room and I am in charge of it." Usually these comments are made after he is told to pick up his toys in the living room or his bedroom. My motherly response has been that if you are in charge of something, then you are supposed to take care of it and put it away when you are done with it. (If only I would practice what I preach!)

Today, Nathan walked in the room wearing a pair of David's Rescue Hero underwear. They were HUGE and were sagging almost to his knees. I started laughing and told him that he had on a pair of David's underwear instead of his own underwear. He told me he wanted to wear super hero underwear today so he had picked some out from David's drawer. I guess Bob the Builder just wasn't cutting it today.

David then walked over to him and looked a little more closely at the underwear. I thought that there was going to be a big fight over the fact that Nathan was wearing David's underwear since David has become quite protective of his stuff recently. I quickly told Nathan that he needed to take off David's underwear and put on a pair of his own underwear.

David put up his hand to stop me and said, "No, it's okay. He can wear them if he wants. They are my underwear and I am in charge of my underwear."

What?! Who in their right mind wants to be in charge of underwear? I think I need to work on finding some more normal things for him to be in charge of. In the meantime, I should let him know that there is some underwear in the laundry basket in the boys' bathroom that needs to be washed, dried, folded and put away.

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