Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Boys are GROSS -- but Mom WILL Prevail

Okay, I promised David's reason for why people have bad breath. This is not for the faint of heart, so be ready.

David woke up from a nap and was sitting with me in the chair. He was talking to me and was right by my face. He had some pretty bad morning (well...mid-afternoon) breath. Finally, I said, "David, I think you need to go brush your teeth because your breath stinks." So he proceeds to blow in my face. (I know, it's a boy thing -- but it is gross!) Anyway, he then proceeds to say, "I know why my breath stinks." I just wasn't thinking and asked, "Why?" He replied, "Because I must have eaten too many of my boogers." OOOOOOHHHHHHH! Yuckkkkkk! I said, "David, that is yucky. You don't really eat your boogers, do you?" He just smiled and said, "Sometimes, I do. Sometimes I don't."

So you see what I am working with here, don't you? And I have two of them...these creatures that are inherently gross. They were born with it in them, and the joy of their lives is telling their poor mom really gross things!

Little do they know, I have a plan. You see, I have been teaching them about being gentlemen. It all started at church when David was a little bit younger. He started to rush in the door past an older woman, and I grabbed his arm and made him wait. I explained that gentlemen waited for a lady to go in the door first. Then the lesson progressed to include holding the door open for other people, especially women. One Sunday, he held the door open for one of the elderly women at church and she commented on how nice it was that he held the door. He responded with, "That is a gentleman's job." Now we are working on letting girls have the first turn because that's what a gentleman does. This one is a little harder, but we are making progress. Nathan sees David do it and has heard me talk about it, so now he is trying to be a gentleman too. (At least some of the time!)

So, even though those boys have a bit of a gross streak, they still know when to turn on the charm and impress the women with their good manners. Just be sure to watch them at the door at church if you want to see those manners because you may not see them at the dinner table or if there is a booger involved! :-)

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