Monday, January 30, 2006

Ma'am, Your Kid Needs Help!

At the end of Christian Soldiers (kids' church) on Sunday, David and another 4 year old had to go to the bathroom. So, I take them out and they go into the boys' bathroom. They were in there FOREVER! Finally, Christian Soldiers was over and the other little boys' older brother came out. I asked him if he would go in the bathroom to see if they were okay. So, this boy and his friend go in to check on the little guys.

The friend comes back out and says, "Ma'am, your kid needs help! He is just standing there without his clothes on talking." I could see through the crack in the door, and David is standing there talking to his little friend with his pants and underwear down around his ankles!

I told the boy to please tell David to pull up his pants and to come out of the bathroom. 8 minutes later, David comes strolling out of the bathroom. I asked him what took so long, and he replied, "Braden and I were talking. We haven't talked in a long time!"


Eco said...

Tim sent me the link to your new blog ... I love it! Now I must admit that reading about peeing and boogers and other such boyish things kind of has this hopeful mother a bit scared, but I guess it just gives me a little insight to my husband. Funny how "boys" really never grow out of the gross stuff.


stace said...


Maybe I should be praying for a girl for you guys so I can come borrow her and do our nails together or something! :-)

By the way, I am a lurker on your blog. I haven't ever commented because I wasn't sure that I knew what I was doing. Now with this blog, I am becoming a little more technologically inclined. So maybe I will get brave enough and comment!