Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stand on My Toes

I have so many stories to share right now, but don't want to overwhelm you with a million posts, so I will share one now and post more throughout the rest of the week.

Probably the biggest thing in Nathan's world right now is that he is now using the Big Potty. Life will never be the same for him again! :-) Now for those of you that are a little more removed and just don't remember this very well, here is a short reminder of what this entails. EVERY conversation works in some form of the word poopie, potty, flush or OH NO! I will spare you the details of the other conversations. For Nathan, he truly wants to be a BIG boy and wants to go potty standing up. We have just basically bypassed sitting down to go potty. I see this as a plus (with an occasional negative that brings the words OH NO! into the conversation. lol)

So, Nathan likes to stand up. The problem is that the kid is short. He is 3 years old and he wears 18 month pants because his legs are so short. He is just now fitting into 1 pair of 2T pants, and they are slims and are cut shorter. So, you see that this poses a problem for the whole standing up issue. At home, it isn't a problem because he uses a little stool, and that works well. But in public, we don't have the stool to stand on and some of the toilets are just a little too tall. However, he still insists on standing up to go. We were somewhere and I figured out that if he stood on top of my feet that he would still be able to stand up. So, this has become a new thing. Any time we are in public, regardless of the height of the toilet, he asks to "stand on my toes." Well yesterday, I was with him in the bathroom, and I had to go to the bathroom too. Nathan starts saying, "You can stand on my toes mommy." I told him that I was sitting down and didn't need to stand on his toes. He then starts saying over and over, "Mommy stand on my toes! Stand on my toes!" With each time he says it, he just keeps getting louder and louder. At this point, I am starting to get embarrassed. You know how you aren't supposed to give in to your kids, especially when they are yelling at you. Well, I did. I put my toes on top of his toes.

And we wonder why kids are so messed up now days! My child thinks that you have to stand on someone else's feet when you are in a public bathroom. Try explaining that to his teacher at school! (or better yet, the guys in the locker room) Just another thing that will eventually come out in counseling! :-)


s said...

He's just being helpful!!

stace said...

Let's see...helpful...hmmmm...I don't know if that is the best word to describe Nathan! :-) Maybe we can compromise here and say helpfully demanding! lol!

stace said...

Not to focus on scenes from our bathroom or anything, but I walked into the bathroom last night to see David and Nathan both standing on the stool going the bathroom at the same time. I heard something mentioned about who the fastest was, so I guess it was a race!?!

I decided that this was some kind of male bonding moment and just turned around and walked away. There are some things a girl just doesn't need to understand or be a part of!