Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Water Fountain

I promised to tell about the water fountain incident yesterday, so here it is. One day a couple of months ago, Brian went to pick up David. The kids were outside playing, and the teacher came over to Brian to talk to him. Now, usually this means that David either did something funny that she wants to share or that David got in trouble for talking or not napping. You have to realize that David is a pretty tame kid at school. He talks... A LOT. That is his big downfall, but he is not a hitter or a bully by any means. After all, he is smart enough to know that he is one of the smaller kids and those bigger kids could take him out!

So, imagine Brian's surprise when the teacher tells him that David was at the water fountain and spit in another kid's face. When Brian told me, my first response was "Are you sure because David doesn't even know how to spit?" But, he did the crime. Mrs. Tammy witnessed it herself. Well, we had to sit down and have one of those long talks with him that involved the words "Lewis boys don't do that" and "it doesn't matter what anyone else does or says, you don't spit at people." Since he did the crime, he had to face the punishment.

A few days later, we took David to school and the victim came in with his grandma. He saw David and said, "Look it's David Lewis. Hey David! Remember when you spit in my face the other day?" Then they went off and played together like best little buddies. And the parents were left there to be embarrassed and offer apologies to the Grandma, who took it like a pro.

So, what did I learn from this event? I could be all philosophical and say, when someone spits in your face, you need to forgive them, which is very true. I also could have learned how the minds of little boys work. However, sometimes you just have to take things at face value. The big lesson I learned is not to stand next to David when he is taking a drink out of the water fountain.

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