Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What's His Name?

Well, we had a big weekend in Branson. We took a group of our teens to an area wide Teen Leadership Conference, and it was a good weekend. I have to brag on our "other kids." The group we took with us were nominated by members of the youth group to go to this leadership conference. Activities like this are always hard in the middle of the school year because everybody has so many school activities going on right now. We had a girl who is the starter on the Varsity Basketball team at her high school who missed a game so that she could go to this and learn how to be a stronger leader for God. We had another guy who missed a Quiz Bowl and others who took time off of work, missed school on Monday and gave up other school activities to be a part of this. How impressive is that! Our teens never cease to amaze me and to teach me so much about being a servant for God.

David and Nathan loved being around the "big kids" this weekend, but most of all, they loved riding in the big, white bus. I am not sure what it is about the church bus, but my kids think that it is the best thing since sliced bread. It is ultimate reward in life. (Man, how great would it be to go back to the days where we were satisfied with a bus ride!)

The weekend was a little tough with the boys out of their routine. Nathan was in somewhat of an anti-social mood. Whenever most of the other youth ministers' kids would come up to him, he would stick his arm straight out at them and push the laser on his "Buzz Lightyear" arm. I guess he was trying to zap them out of his personal space or something.

There was one little boy that David and Nathan both played with while we were there. He was a little younger than Nathan. David kept asking me what his name was and I kept telling him that I didn't know. I asked a few of the other youth ministers' wives, and they did not know either. So, the next time David asked me, I told him to just ask the little boy. So David went over to the little boy and asked him what his name was. The boy said something. David looked rather puzzled and said, "What did you say?" The boy said it again. This process repeated about 3 more times. Finally, David came back to me and said, "His name is Escoochular." What a kid!

Be sure to check tomorrow's post for David's reason for why people get bad breath! Until then, have a very blessed day!

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