Thursday, January 26, 2006

How Shocking!

My children are so easily amused. We were at Sam's the other night. We followed the usual ritual of getting a cart, putting the boys in the cart, and pushing it around the store. The only problem is that we got the demon-possessed cart.

I was pushing the cart, and every time I would touch any part of the metal on the cart, it would shock me. If I touched either of the boys, it would shock both of us. So here I am walking through the store going "Ouch.............Ouch...........Ouch!"

The boys thought this was quite amusing and started touching me so that they would shock me. Then they would just laugh hysterically. They even started playing a version of tag with each other (the best that you can when you are sitting next to each other in the cart). At one point, Nathan leaned over and kissed David and shocked him. David exclaimed, "How Shocking!"

The whole time, Brian is looking at us like we are nuts, so I make him push the cart. (I thought maybe it was my electric personality causing it...okay, I didn't have rubber soled shoes on and I thought I might be the culprit.) It happened to him too and he got us a new cart. So much for fun!

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