Saturday, January 21, 2006

Boys are SWEET!

Nathan woke me up this morning by coming into the room and poking me a few times on the arm and saying, "Mommy, wake up! It's today! Daddy is making me waffles. It is a surprise for you!" Normally, I hear the "Mommy wake up! It's today" line somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30 am, but today, my sweet husband got up with the boys and let me sleep until 9:00 am!

So, I get up and walk out to the kitchen and see two chairs pulled up to the counter. Brian and the boys are taking turns stirring the waffle batter. Life couldn't have been more complete at that moment. You know when you have those moments that just make you feel so blessed. That's what I felt right then.

So, I pitched in and we all made breakfast together. The boys were enthralled with the whole process of cooking eggs and bacon. They kept asking questions about why I was turning the bacon over, why was it changing colors, what the noise was, etc. At one point, David was getting a little frustrated with Nathan and said, "Your being too loud. I can't hear the bacon!" Some people stop to smell the roses. I guess this morning we stopped to smell the bacon! :-)

The conversation at the breakfast table is always so much fun too. Brian and I barely have to say a word because David and Nathan keep the conversation going full force. David filled us in on the latest about all the kids from school. Nathan announced that he wasn't Buzz Lightyear today. (He assumes a new personality on a daily basis.) Then we proceeded to talk about what letters different words started with. A great way to start the last day of a very busy week.

So if you have also had a busy week, be sure to take time to be quiet enough to hear the bacon!

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